Charms come in almost any imaginable theme,
including flags, alphabet letters, breast cancer awareness ribbons, flowers, & more!

Stamp the Moment charms make great gifts
for mom, grandma, or any special lady in your life.

***Both gold and silver tone charms are available***

Size and color may have slight variation between charms
Each Charm is sold seperately

If you are looking for charms in almost any imaginable theme, you have come to the right place! Stamp the Moment has charms for all of your great ideas, whether they involve flags, alphabet letters, breast cancer awareness ribbons, flowers, or more. Our charms make great gifts for moms, grandmas, or any of the special ladies in your life.

Stamp the Moment offers gold and silver tone charms, along with our vast variety of charms to choose from. Please keep in mind that the size and color of each charm may vary slightly and that each charm is sold separately.

Show that special person how much you care with a thoughtful and meaningful charm, or get one for yourself. Commemorate that important event, that particular interest, or that invaluable relationship with a charm from Stamp the Moment. Our unique, creative charms are sure to make the recipient feel how loved, appreciated, and important they are.

Choose you charm from one of the following categories:

Charm jewelry has been around for centuries and has recently regained popularity in today’s fashion world. Create your own signature accessory with charms from Stamp the Moment, and not only will it be a sentimental and symbolic piece of jewelry, but a cherished and timeless fashion statement as well. What woman wouldn’t love that combination?

Charms are popular gifts for any number of special occasions, including birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. They are also a creative and personal way to celebrate meaningful milestones in life. Shop Stamp the Moment to create the perfect gift, for yourself or for someone important. You can be sure that the thought behind your gift and the high quality of our charms will come together to make the ideal present.